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Masonry Repair

If you are looking to hire a contractor for exterior masonry repair, now is the time to request a quote. With spring weather warming, masons in the Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland are booking up quickly, taking on outdoor projects that are only possible in the spring and summer months.

What is stone veneer?

What is stone veneer actually made of and how can I recognize it? There are generally three types of stone veneer: faux stone veneer, thin natural stone veneer, and solid bed veneer. Each type is made from a different material or has a different thickness.

Faux stone is so called because it is man-made, but with the difference that it looks like real stone. It is usually made from a combination of cement, natural minerals and pigments.
This type of artificial stone is usually durable and beautiful at the same time. However, depending on the manufacturer, it is important to look carefully, because some products that are called artificial stone are actually a kind of durable synthetic polymer, resulting in ultra-light veneers. Therefore, you need to be especially careful when looking for the right artificial stone.

House cladding - the five best materials

Weatherproof – plastic cladding

Plastic facade cladding is very suitable for renovating an old house. A variety of design options are offered here. Imitations of wood, stone surfaces or facade panels in all colors are available. Plastic is weatherproof and UV-resistant. It is easy to install using tongue and groove systems. Plastic cladding is inexpensive and has the advantage that it never needs painting.

Clinker facade to clad the house.
Old houses in particular have no or too little thermal insulation. The quality of life suffers because noise and moisture penetrate into the home. Here, a clinker facade with modern insulating clinker systems quickly provides a remedy. These elements are installed without expensive, inconvenient renovation work. Clinker with irregular patina looks lively and rustic. A house with a clinker facade always has a pleasant indoor climate and is soundproof. Even if a clinker facade is a bit more expensive, it saves energy again over the years.

Wooden facades – very popular and traditional
Special woods, such as cedar or Douglas fir, provide the house with a weather-resistant facade. Whether in natural or white, wood facades stand out for their wonderful appearance. Wood is also great for thermal insulation, especially when renovating older homes. Cladding a house with wood is not entirely cheap, but in return you have a breathable, natural building material that keeps moisture out.

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