Company operating name: 
Legend Stoneworks LTD

Business Address:
7183 Gordon Dr. Chilliwack BC, V2R 1X7 

At Legend Stoneworks, as a high quality Stone Masonry, we create structures with real stone, cultured stone, brick and block work.  We install cultured stone on the facade of houses and commercial buildings, we cover fireplaces in stone, we do structural block-work, build gate posts and build retaining walls for garden beds.  The essentials of masonry is building anything with brick or cinder block, though our main focus is aesthetic stonework on houses and commercial buildings.

We are currently looking at strengthening our team with an Operations Manager (2 vacancies) who will perform the following job duties:

General tasks:

  • Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate projects from start to finish
  • Prepare budget estimates for projects
  • Develop and implement quality control programs

Scheduling and setting up sites:

  • Fill out personal schedule on jobber schedule with tentative plans for the day
  • Look over Jobber and take jobs on hold and assign them to teams
  • Track progress of jobs and assign hours to each of the Project managers
  • Monitor progress against established schedules
  • Maintain production hours, keeping the schedule full by preparing jobs ahead of time from Sales
  • Help Project managers set up sites with material delivery, tools and support scaffold
  • Connect with contractors, site managers, and homeowners to make sure sites are ready to begin installation (power, water, proper access to site, recognized areas to be installed)
  • Help track the revenue in the MBP file monthly through Jobber with an average of $145,000 in revenue averaging per month, 1.74 million annually as a goal
  • Prepare progress reports and ensure progress schedules are issued to homeowners

Project manager relations:

  • Set up project managers with their sites, giving them budgeted hours and a timeline for the job to be completed
  • Establish areas stone or brick will be installed, including any light fixture frames, trim, caps etc.
  • Have weekly meetings (GSRs) going over goals and then reviewing last week’s goals
  • Help support PMs by organizing the right tools, supports, ground cover and overhead cover. Delegate some of the set up to the project managers as seen to be most efficient
  • Encourage and keep a positive line of communication open with Project management
  • Track any change orders and make sure the quantities are correct from remeasuring by PMs and are reported to Sales for invoicing

Tools and Truck maintenance:

  • Monthly tool inventory through Tool App
  • Quarterly tool inventory at the warehouse renewing labels and numbers
  • Truck maintenance schedule
  • Fixing or getting all tools fixed regularly
  • Purchase of replacement tools (reviewing tool budget and staying within it)
  • Warehouse organization and upkeep
  • Warehouse material inventory upkeep

Weekly management meetings:

  • Meet with Sales and HR management (Greg and Dave) weekly
  • Go over weekly goals and assess/report on efficiency of the week (what’s going well/poorly)

Job details:

  • This is a full-time, indeterminate position, based on at least 30 hours per week (2 vacancies)
  • Wage: $41.50 per hour
  • Benefits: not applicable
  • Location of work: Chilliwack
  • Contact information: David Vegt at

Requirements education/work experience:

  • You need to have finished high-school.
  • Successful completion of a post-secondary program in construction technology, civil engineering, project management or another directly related program is required. If you have not completed such a program, this can be substituted with extensive experience in the construction industry, including several years of experience as a construction supervisor, field superintendent, operations manager or similar occupation
  • Several years of experience as a construction supervisor, field superintendent, operations manager or similar occupation
  • Sufficient English language skills, a resumé and references are required

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