If you’re looking to hire a contractor for exterior masonry repair, now is the time to request a quote. With spring weather warming, masons in the Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland are booking up quickly, taking on outdoor projects that are only possible in the spring and summer months. At Legend Stoneworks, we often get requests for masonry repair work mere weeks from winter, as homeowners realize damaging cold weather is well on its way. We do our best to accommodate everyone, but unfortunately, it can be difficult to fit everyone into our schedule. Waiting to request quotes means you risk being left out in the cold – so don’t let this happen to you!

Damage Done in Winter

Winter weather can wreak havoc on exterior masonry work. While brick and stone last much longer than other materials and sidings, these materials aren’t impregnable. Water can seep into the tiniest crevices and freeze, widening those crevices into deeper cracks and fissures. This damage is compounded when your home is overdue for masonry repairs. If you don’t stay on top of things, significant damage can occur, resulting in much higher repair costs. Therefore, it’s a good idea to touch up masonry work regularly, and the time immediately after winter is ideal for inspecting your home and scheduling repairs.

The Busiest Time for Masonry Repairs

While masons can work on indoor projects during winter, warmer weather conditions are usually required for outdoor installations and masonry repair jobs. Comfortable (and safe) working temperatures typically range from 5° to 30° Celsius (or 40° to 85° Fahrenheit). Additionally, colder temperatures can make it more difficult for mortar and other masonry materials to set properly. This makes spring and summer the ideal time for masons to make repairs to home exteriors – and thus, masons’ schedules tend to fill up fast during these warmer months.

How the Production Schedule Works

Experienced masons plan ahead in order to prepare for the busy season. They work out schedules with work crews and nail down the logistics of jobs early, finding suppliers for necessary building materials and plotting out project schedules. If cold temperatures spill from winter into early spring, as can sometimes happen, production schedules get pushed back. This can make it harder to get your masonry repair project into the queue. You can ensure your spot in line, though, by requesting a consultation and quote from a professional masonry company early.

Free Consultation and Quote

Before scheduling a masonry repair project, it’s important to have an idea of the scale. Luckily, professional masons should be prepared to give you a quote free of charge, with no obligation. Masonry contractors in your area will be happy to consult with you and determine the extent of repairs that will be necessary before winter sets in again. Asking for a quote as early as possible gets the ball rolling on any masonry repair projects. You’ll be added into your chosen mason’s production schedule if you proceed, ensuring that the work gets done before temperatures drop.

Legend Stoneworks: Professionals in Masonry Repair

Building materials like brick and stone are built to last – but at Legend Stoneworks, we understand they don’t last forever. Our team of professional masons is highly experienced when it comes to repair jobs, and we know how to protect your outdoor masonry work against the chill of winter. We’re prepared for jobs big and small, so whether you require a simple patch-up or a large-scale masonry repair project, contact us to request a quote today!