Stone Veneer Installation

Rock and stone construction can be traced back to the earliest accounts of civilization.  Stone is a building material and architectural element that truly stands the test of time. However historically, the cost and logistics of moving and installing heavy rock proved to be problematic. Today top of the line, natural stone veneer delivers the beauty of stone architecture more cost effectively than ever before.

Natural stone veneer is derived from real stone. It has simply been milled in a thinner cut than regular full bed stones. Stone veneer is sawed at depths of 3/4” to 1 1/4” versus the 3” to 6” of full stones, veneer is made from the same real rock and will have the same natural look once installed.

Advantages Of Natural Stone Veneer

There are many advantages to choosing the classic beauty of stone veneer over other siding options. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of stone veneer:

  • Durability – Because it is comprised of real stone, veneer holds up to water, weather and other environmental factors. Other types of siding and veneers can be fragile and show wear and tear over time. Natural stone veneer will weather well and age gracefully.
  • Light weight – The weight of stone veneer is a fraction of that of full-size stones. This means a lighter, less expensive support structure will be required for installment.  
  • Low cost – Stone veneer is less costly than full-size stone construction. The lighter weight, use of fewer materials and lower shipping charges all add up to major saving.
  • Lower maintenance – Mother Nature doesn’t take much of a toll on real rock, even in extreme rain and wind conditions. Your natural stone veneer won’t need much more care than an occasional pressure washing. To ensure that your veneer will endure the test of time and the elements, it is advised that you hire a licensed, skill professional to complete your installation.  
  • Natural beauty – Our customers often choose stone veneer to incorporate natural beauty into their space . The use of stone veneer allows you to bring the outdoors in or to give your exterior a more natural facade. Check out our gallery to see how the differing shapes, colours and textures of stone that can give your project the unique impact you’re looking to capture.    
  • Temperature – An often-overlooked benefit of using stone veneer is natural temperature regulation. Natural stone can help a building retain warmth in the winter and help temperatures remain cooler in the summer.          
  • Versatility – Natural stone veneer will enhance almost any setting – inside or out. It is a staple for interior and exterior design, in both modern and traditional architecture. Upgrades to bathrooms and kitchens, patios and outdoor fireplaces are just a few of the many ways natural stone veneer can transform a space.

Whether it is for new construction or a dated room’s remodel, natural stone veneer is the ideal product for your next design project. With so many types of stone available, one of our masonry professionals can design and install the one-of-a-kind look you’re ready to create. Tell us a bit about your project and a member of our team will be in touch shortly. Ready to chat today? Call or text us at 604.703.5676 or email us at

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