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Dave & Greg

Founded in 2007, Legend Stoneworks has completed thousands of jobs throughout the Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland. From facades to fireplaces and full brick, no job is too big or too small for the Legends Stonewworks team. We encourage you to get to know our team a bit better and discover why we are the Fraser Valley’s leading masonry contractors.

Meet the Legend Stoneworks Team: Fraser Valley Masonry Contractors

David Vegt

David founded Legend Stoneworks in 2007 after apprenticing in masonry for two years. During his apprenticeship, David discovered he had a passion for the physicality and artistry of masonry.  When he decided to start Legend Stoneworks, David teamed up with his cousin Greg to make his dream a reality. Originally from the Okanagan Valley, David is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for fishing, camping and mountain biking. In addition, David is a painter specializing in portraiture, check him out on Instagram. Today David lives in the Fraser Valley and proudly services the surrounding areas.

Greg Vegt

Also, originally from Okanagan Valley, Greg teamed up with David from the very beginning, helping to grow Legend Stoneworks into one of the most respected masonry contractors in the Fraser Valley. Greg is a talented mason with a passion for creativity and the outdoors. In his free time, Greg devotes much of his energy to working on muscle cars and building reclaimed industrial furniture, check him out on Instagram as well! Today Greg also resides in the Fraser Valley helping to head up the Legend Stoneworks team.

Our History

After taking a job as a labourer for a masonry contractor as a summer job, David Vegt discovered he had a passion for the artform of masonry. From there he made the decision to complete an apprenticeship under a highly skilled mason. During that time, David gained a wealth of experience and earned his stripes a skilled mason himself. Upon the completion of his apprenticeship, David made the strategic decision to start his own business. A decision that has enabled him to assemble a team of the Fraser Valley’s best masonry contractors, while establishing a widely respected company with his close friend and cousin. Today David and Greg are combining their shared skills and talent to grow a business of which they are both extremely proud.

The Legend Stoneworks Difference

Legend Stoneworks was founded on three pillars of success: excellence, efficiency and entertainment. These key differentiators have helped us to establish an impeccable reputation among property owners throughout the Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland. When you hire our team, you hire a crew of highly experienced masons along with young, passionate apprentices; a combination that enables us to deliver superior work and incredible value.   

Why Legend Stoneworks?

When naming their company, founders David and Greg set out to select something that reflected their commitment to delivering work that stands the test of time and will continue to make an impact for years to come.  Thus, Legend Stoneworks was born. Today the entire Legend Stoneworks team is committed to living up to their name, in every sense of the word. 

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