Multi-Family Buildings

The use of masonry veneer and other types of custom masonry are extremely popular choices for those looking to add visual appeal to multi-family developments. Whether you’re looking to include masonry in new build construction or refresh an existing multi-family building, masonry effects and features breathe life into both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Discerning property owners understand that it is essential for multi-family buildings to offer visual allure. Residents are willing to spend more to live in multi-family developments that offer curb appeal and inviting communal spaces. The beauty and durability of brick and stone provide a cost-effective way to enhance and upgrade at the same time — both inside and out.

Whether yours is a new construction project or a building facelift, we excel at staying within your budget and remaining on schedule. Our goal is to leave the job site on the final day with all parties happy — you, your tenants and our skilled crew.

Unique Style

It can be hard to create a unique style that is all your own when you lack design experience. Our professional and skilled team is here to work with you to capture the look and style that fits your building and suits your neighbourhood. One of the biggest benefits of masonry veneer and full-bed masonry is the fact that no two pieces are exactly alike. These natural materials offer their own individual characteristics, ensuring that your project is one-of-a-kind. Whether you go with a classic design or contemporary look, the personality of the materials you choose will ensure your multi-family masonry project is truly spectacular.


From completing a facelift on the building’s facade or updating a fireplace and hearth, the materials you choose make the difference. Here at Legend Stoneworks we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality materials available. Some of our most popular product choices include:

  • Brick (Full-bed)
  • Brick Veneer
  • Manufactured Stone
  • Natural Stone (Full-bed)
  • Natural Stone Veneer


Keeping a multi-family building properly maintained is essential to protecting your investment and to keeping tenants happy. The beauty and low maintenance of masonry veneer makes it an ideal, cost-effective upgrade for virtually any multi-family building.

Construction and building maintenance can prove to be disruptive to multi-family residents. Investing in low maintenance masonry can dramatically cut back on the need for costly cosmetic repairs and building maintenance, a perk your residents will very much enjoy! The long life-expectancy, as well as the low maintenance requirements of masonry materials, adds to their value. If you’re looking to make a wise investment in the long-term appeal of your multi-family property, custom masonry is the ideal solution.

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