Brick Veneer Installation

Brick veneer has grown in popularity among property owners in recent decades. Our masons are highly experienced in brick veneer installation and have been doing these projects for years. The versatility of brick veneer products enables property owners to transform indoor spaces and exteriors quickly and cost effectively. If you are looking for a design solution offering longevity, durability and affordability, coupled with the classic beauty of brick, look no further! Whether you aim to make a major impact or a simply add a touch of elegance, we encourage you to consider brick veneer.

Brick and Brick Veneer: Building Techniques

There is a common misconception, among many property owners, that the materials used to create brick veneer and those used to manufacture solid brick differ. The truth of the matter is, the same full-size bricks are used in both types of construction. The difference between the two is the installation and building technique. To the untrained eye, there is no difference between these two types of installation.

Solid Brick

With solid brick construction, bricks are installed in two alternating layers, or as a row with concrete block reinforcement. As the name suggests, solid brick construction serves as a foundation or support for the building itself. Without this row or two of bricks, the building would need another form of reinforcement. This is often referred to as solid masonry.

Brick Veneer

With brick veneer, the building’s framework is holding up or supporting a single row of brick. A supportive frame or wall is constructed in front of the building and brick is then attached to it. The brick veneer does not act as a load-bearing wall and does not support the structure. It is a separate edifice, or second wall attached to the front of the building.

The Benefits of Brick Veneer

There are several reasons to consider brick veneer when exploring your masonry and design options:

  • Brick veneer is less expensive than solid brick construction and more cost effective than many of the other siding options on the market. Offering a life expectancy of 50 years or more and requiring minimal maintenance, brick veneer delivers a long term value that rivals any other product on the market.
  • Choose from numerous colours, sizes and styles of brick to enhance your project. Part of the fun and excitement is the freedom of being able to customize your look. Check out our gallery to find the right look for you.
  • Brick veneer will improve the design appeal of your property while helping to increase your equity. It is a simple and cost-effective way to add instant value and beauty. 
  • Cooling and heating costs are lowered as a result of brick’s natural insulation properties. Insulation can be installed between the brick veneer and the building’s wall for even greater efficiency.
  • Brick is naturally fire-resistant, pest-repellent and durable. It won’t show or suffer damage like regular siding or other building materials
  • Maintenance is extremely low with brick veneer. It doesn’t require painting or any other type of ongoing care. After about a decade or so, you may notice an area with chipped mortar or brick that feels loose. This is normal wear for brick construction and is a quick and simple fix for our trained professionals.
  • Brick veneer can be added to a building any time after or during construction. Because it isn’t a load-bearing wall, the veneer allows for flexibility in your design.
  • Brick veneer isn’t just a design element for an exterior, it’s also a great choice for indoor upgrades and remodels. Offering incredible versatility, brick veneer can add appeal and interest to any virtually space. It is often used to update and enhance fireplaces, kitchens and even statement walls. Outdoor features such as patios, gates and outbuildings can also benefit from the use of brick veneer.

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Brick veneer installation is not as simple as it may sound. Due to the nature of the materials and support systems required, brick veneer installment is not recommended for DIY projects. As with most major projects, repairs or redesigns resulting from failed attempts at DIY can end up costing much more in the long run. Our masonry professionals are hand to assist you through every step of the design and installment process. Tell us a bit about your project and a member of our team will be in touch to provide a quote. Let’s get started today! Ready to chat now? Call or text us at 604.703.5676 or email us at

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